Silicone Personal Lubricant

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Silicone Based Lubricant

Silicone Personal Lubricant. These lubricants are condom safe and are the top shelf in lubricant quality. Unlike waterbased personal lubricant, a little drop goes a long way. Silicone lubricant also never gets sticky or gummy feeling.

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WET Ecstasy Silicone

Wet Ecstasy Silicone combines modern lubricant technology with several exotic species of flora that have been used for heightening sexual pleasure throughout human history.Wet Ecstasy Silicone’s formula is designed to soothe skin and boost stamina.

WET Naturals Silky Supreme

With Wet Naturals Silky Supreme, there is no need to stop and reapply because this lube has some serious staying power. Enriched with top of the line vitamin E, this silicone-based lubricant is ultra moisturizing and even works underwater!

Wet Platinum Lubricant

When you want the Rolls Royce of lubricants, get your right hand on some Wet Platinum Lubricant! This extremely long lasting silicone-based lubricant feel so great, it is actually guaranteed not to become sticky.

WET Elite Hybrid

Wet Elite’s high-end look and feel is custom made for those who love the ease and feel of a water-based lubricant but are looking for the long-lasting pleasure that silicone provides.

Pjur Body Glide Woman

The super concentrated silicone-based formula has been designed especially for the lubrication needs of women. Pjur Body Glide Woman is a seriously long lasting lubricant, that won’t clog pores, become sticky or need to be reapplied.

Pjur Light Bodyglide

Pjur Light BodyGlide offers the same experience as the Original, the only difference being that consistency-wise it is 30% thinner. It is still as highly concentrated as the Original and super economical, since only a drop or two is needed.

Pjur Original Body Glide

Pjur Original Body Glide has been the rated the #1 personal lubricant worldwide since the the 90's for a good reason. This essential lubricant is glycerin and paraben-free, oil-free, hypoallergenic, tasteless and fragrance-free.

Pjur Original Body Glide Gel

Pjur BodyGlide Gel is a thicker version ( 30%more thicker ) of Pjur Original Bodyglide and designed for individuals preferring less friction.

Unit Price: $23.19

Pjur Original Single Use 1.5ML

The super concentrated Pjur Body Glide is now available in convenient and easy to use single use packets. These 1.5 ml foil packs full of long lasting silicone lube allow you to have more fun on your next erotic adventure!

Pjur Woman BodyGlide Single Use

1.5ml Sampler Packet. The super concentrated silicone-based formula of Pjur Woman Body Glide is now available in individual use packets! This lube is so powerful that only a drop or two is needed per use.

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